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NFFC is always looking for interns and volunteers.

Want to be at the center of cutting-edge debates regarding our global food crisis, fighting for family farmers and questioning free trade policies that destroy farmer livelihoods both here and abroad? If you have a passion for wanting to learn about how we rebuild our food systems towards food sovereignty, then consider interning or volunteeringl for the National Family Farm Coalition.

We are looking for interns to help us with communications, policy research and other tasks. Travel stipend will be covered. Submit resume and cover letter to lisa@nffc.net.

To make our coalition effective, we need to take action on the local, state, and national level. Whether it be a phone call to your representative or a conversation with another shopper at the grocery store, YOU make the difference in the vitality of our family farms across the nation.


If you are part of an organization, please consider becoming a member of NFFC.


Lead by example! Every time you go to the grocery story, eat at a fast food restaurant or pop open a can of soda, you are shaping our children's future. Your dollar is a vote for the future determining whether rural landscapes prosper or wilt under the dominant industrialized system.

This section of our web site will be updated to reflect actions requested by our members and our allies in our fight to change our national farm and food policy.

Take Action today!

1) Schedule meetings with your representatives or Senators to discuss the issues family farmers and rural communities need to see action.

*Helpful Hint: If you want to find out who staffs your members, go to www.congress.org, click U.S. Congress under Elected Officials on the left bar, search for your member, click on his/her name when it appears, click on Staff Members (under the member's picture), and you will get a list of all the lead staff in addition to the general phone line and location of their office. Please call the NFFC office if you need help with your search: 202-543-5675.

2) Support us!

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