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Press Release Archive (2008)

December 15: President-elect Obama presented with urgent 'Call to Action' to end food crisis (12.15.08) - U.S. Working Group on the Food Crisis delivers the message that economic reform must include sound farm and food policy.

December 9: Dairy Farmers Condemn National Milk Producers Federation CEO Speech (12.09.08) - Speech by CEO Jerry Kozak advocates for radical deregulation policies. Click here for Memorandum on NMPF.

August 21: Dairy Farmers Condemn Make Allowance Increase (8.21.08) -The Dairy Subcommittee of the National Family Farm Coalition on August 18 submitted a comment to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) together with Ohio Farmers Union on the "Tentative Partial Final Decision" issued in June to raise the make allowance fees for cheese, butter, nonfat dry milk, and dry whey and to increase the butterfat yield factor.

August 13: Dairy Farmers Praise Monsanto Selling Off rBGH Division (8.13.08) - NFFC expressed its delight today at news that Monsanto would sell off its division for rBGH, a growth hormone legalized by the FDA in 1993 after minimal testing. Dairy farmers noted that what they need far more than 'efficiency' and 'technology' is a fair price.

August 13: U.S. Family Farmers Applaud Demise of Doha Negotiations (8.13.08) - NFFC welcomed the recent failure of Doha Round negotiations at the World Trade Organization, as India and other developing countries defended their right to food sovereignty. Since 1993, the WTO's disastrous agriculture policies have impoverished farmers worldwide, reduced food security, and led to environmental devastation and a global food crisis - all in the name of 'free' trade.

July 11: NFFC Hosts Teleconference Outling How Lack of Grain Reserves Has Fueled the Global Food Crisis (7.11.08) -Farm and Consumer Groups Say G8 Conference Continues to Promote Failed Policies

July 6: Family Farm And Consumer Groups Urge Senate Judiciary to Investigate Dairy Farmers of America (DFA) (7.6.08) -Largest Dairy Cooperative Under Fire for Massive Corruption and Betrayal of Farmer Membership

June 25: Family Farmers, Ranchers And Local Food Advocates Criticize Efforts to Tie School Lunch Program to Animal ID (6.25.08) -Provision in House Agriculture Appropriations Bill would Undermine Local, Grassfed and Organic Food Movement

June 9: Family Farmers Condem UN FAO Conference For Ignoring Food Sovereignty (6.9.08) -Leaders Promise Only More Failed Free Trade Policies

June 4: Family Farmers Praise Introduction of Trade Bill That Helps Address Global Food Crisis; U.S. and United Nations Continue to Promote Catastrophic Free Trade Agenda (6.4.08) -NFFC praised the introduction today in the House and Senate of the TRADE Act, a bill which offers urgent and neccesary reforms to our trade agreements and will help promote food sovereignty principles. NFFC condemned the recent UN FAO meeting in Rome for continuing to advocate failed trade liberalization policies.

May 23: Family Farmers Lambast Wasted Opportunity of Farm Bill; Congress Chooses to Ignore Global Food Crisis (5.23.08) -NFFC critized Congress and the recently enacted Farm Bill for failing to address the growing global food crisis and our broken food systems, despite incremental improvements in funding for organic, conservation, and diversity and local food initiatives.

May 9: Diverse Groups Urge Congress to Address Need for Food Reserves to Stop Global Food Crisis; Grain Reserves Ignored During Entire Farm Bill Debate (5.9.08) - Despite the growing global food crisis and the warnings for over a year from organizations such as the National Family Farm Coalition, Congress failed to include any sort of Strategic Grain Reserves as part of the Farm Bill. A diverse group of farmer, religious, consumer, and development organizations released a letter to Congress on April 28, 2008 urging that strategic grain reserves be implemented. Read the letter.

April 15: U.S. Dairy Farmers Send Letter to Congress Outling Failed Farm Bill; Farmers Ask Congress to Address Growing Crisis in Dairy Industry (4.15.08)

March 3: U.S. Dairy Farmers Host Teleconference Outling Crisis in Dairy Industry; Farmers Demand Changes in Dairy Pricing and Crackdown in Corporate Corruption (3.3.08)

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